Rob Oddi

The Real Results of Working with Rob

✔️Enabling leaders to successfully navigate the people side change in their organizations

✔️Delivering the People-Dependent portion of the project’s ROI  

✔️Improved employee retention

✔️Improvements in employee engagement scores

✔️Significant reduction of wasted time through effective decision making

✔️Increasing productivity through team and departmental collaboration

✔️Improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency by anticipating, acknowledging, and addressing the concerns of staff

✔️Reduction in the time need to implement changes

✔️Significantly reducing the possibility of a change being unsuccessful

✔️Development of leaders as effective ‘change agents’

✔️Increased capacity for leaders to do more strategic and value-added work by spending less time worrying about tactical issues

✔️Reducing and removing people-risks from change by providing employees with the preparation, support and skills they need to succeed in change.

✔️Increased employee acceptance of the change

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